Bush Hog®
Terra Hog Frames

A Multi-Use Ground Engaging Tool

Bush Hog®’s new line of ATV and UTV implements put your recreational vehicle to work. Scrape roads on the way to your hunting camp, disc up tough land for a green field, aerate your manicured lawn… with Bush Hog®’s ATV/UTV implements, you can do it all.

Bush Hog®’s Terra Hog System makes the most of your recreational vehicle!

The Bush Hog® ATV/UTV Terra Hog System starts with a strong tubular steel frame. Each frame consists of your choice of either a manual ratchet jack or electric actuator to raise the wheels out of the way when in use. Each frame will accommodate 10 different implements to help you get virtually any job done.

Choose from:

  • Aerator
  • Box Blade
  • Carry-All
  • Cultipacker
  • Disc Harrow
  • Field Cultivator
  • Landscape Rake
  • Plugger
  • Rear Blade
  • Road Grader

Implement height can be adjusted at the hitch mounting point to accommodate any ATV or UTV. Each implement is connected to the main frame by a hardened steel bolt that locks it securely in place. On implements that feature adjustable angles, durable king pins hold the implement right where you want it.

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NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.


Performance Features
  • Connects to a variety of compact implements
  • See Product Literature for full details!
Construction Features
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Hardened steel bolts
  • Electric actuator available


Implement Type Model Numbers
See Terra Hog Product Literature for model specifications!
Aerator ARV48 ARV60 ARV72
Box Blade BXV48 BXV60 BXV72
Carry-All CAV
Cultipacker CPV48 CPV60 CPV72
Disc Harrow DHV36 DHV50 DHV66
Field Cultivator FCV48 FCV60 FCV72
Landscape Rake LRV48 LRV60 LRV72
Plugger PGV48 PGV60 PGV72
Rear Blade RBV48 RBV60 RBV72
Road Grader RGV48 RGV60 RGV72

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