Bush Hog® 3-PT Bale Unroller

An effective way to move and unroll round bales is with the economical 3PBU bale unroller, with a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb. The 3PBU bale unroller weighs 326 lb. and is designed for 35 HP tractors and up. The units are powder coated with a durable black paint to give a lasting protective finish. Each 3PBU unit fits both Cat. 1 & 2 Standard and Quick Hitches.

Notes: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.

Performance Features

  • 3-PT bale unrollers grasp the hay bale in the center of both sides, and turn on a central axis allowing the friction from the ground to “grab” the hay and start unrolling the bale
  • Bale unroller connects to the back of your tractor and allows you to roll out your hay bales like a carpet, no pitchfork required
  • Bales may be either 4-feet or 5-feet in width and up to 6-feet in diameter

Construction Features

  • 3-PT Hay Handler/Unroller is rated at 2000-lbs. for 25-45 HP tractors.
  • Hydraulic cylinder is included.
  • Unit’s arms are powder coated with a durable black paint, while the unit’s body is available in major tractor colors to give lasting protective finish.
  • Fits both Standard and Quick Hitches.

Product Features


Good for Tractors rated 40hp or under


Hitch (3-PT)
Cat. 1 & 2 Std., Quick Hitch
Overall Width
69 1/2 inches
Overall Height
25 9/16 inches
Overall Depth
67 inches
Tractor HP Min
35 HP
Implement Weight
326 lb.
Maximum Load Capacity
2000 lb.




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