Bush Hog® 4110 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

New Heavy-Duty Right-of-Way Single Flex-Wing

Building upon the success of our legendary Heavy-Duty Flex-Wing lineup, the New 4110 Flex-Wing is built for the harshest roadside cutting conditions. Designed to cut heavy grasses and brush up to 4” in diameter, these New 10’ Flex-Wings are serious machines for serious users. Perfectly at home maintaining rights-of-way, levees, and roadsides, these cutters get the job done in any environment, day in and day out. New performance and convenience features like seriously upgraded axles, EZ-change blade bolts, and EZ-adjust leveling rods make your life easier and worry-free. Our new and improved axles glide over obstacles, while reducing shock loads for an improvement you can see and feel in the tractor seat. Heavily-braced, 7ga smooth-top decks shed debris and water for easier cleanup. Gearbox stand plates are thicker and gusseted for improved strength and durability. Our Perma-Level+ Hitch has received additional reinforcements and quality of life features like rollover and clevis stops for easier tractor hookups. Standard equipment includes convenience features like EZ-lube drivelines, increased tongue transport height, and hydraulic hose handles to reduce slipping and improve ergonomics; then when not in use, the hoses can be safely stored in the holder on the tongue.

The New 4110 10’ Flex-Wing comes standard with Deck Rings and Double Row Chains for additional safety on roadsides. It also comes with your selection of 540 or 1,000 PTO Driveline, Center Dual or Walking Tandem Axles, Wing Single, Dual, or Walking Tandem Axles, Laminated, Air-Filled, or Foam-Filled Tires. And as with all Bush Hog® Rotary Cutters, the New 4110 Flex-Wing comes with the industry’s only 10-Year Gearbox Limited Warranty. Remember, “If it doesn’t say Bush Hog®, it just won’t cut it.”

Notes: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.

Performance Features

  • New Patent-Pending axle suspension reduces g-force shock loads by 51%
  • Replaceable 1/2″ Cast Wing Skids for extended wear during heavy ground contact
  • Angled rear deck section with 41% longer skids improve durability during side and backward impacts
  • New durable Cast Leveling Rod Cams make adjusting deck pitch easier
  • New Cast Walking Tandem Axles walk over the most rugged terrain instead of bounce through it
  • Center section axle spindles are centered on the axle arm for equalized loading of vertical forces
  • Grease fittings and spring steel bushings at axle pivot points for longer life.
  • Wing decks free float 22° down and 45° up without engaging the hydraulic cylinder for longer cylinder life
  • Wing axles are adjustable 20″ left to right for variable row crop spacings
  • New Rollover and Clevis Stops on the Perma-Level+ Hitch make tractor hookups easier
  • Increased Cutting and Transport Height by 2″ to mow down taller vegetation and easier loading on trailers

Construction Features

  • Industry first — 3″ O.D. output shaft in cutting gearboxes
  • Smooth-top 7ga deck plates are heavily-reinforced for years of trouble-free service
  • 33% stronger gearbox mount and stand are built to withstand years of punishing mowing conditions
  • Blade pans come standard with Hardened Hex-Head Blade Bolts and Bushings for easy blade changes
  • 194% increase in axle arm section for substantially improved strength
  • ASAE Cat 6 Input Drivelines and ASAE Cat 4 Wing Drivelines for use in heavy cutting conditions
  • Grease fittings in our E-Z lube drivelines align for reduced service times
  • Patented oil sight windows make for quick and easy oil level checks
  • Large, Replaceable skids behind the tongue protect deck structure from ground contact

Safety Features

  • Double Row Chains to knock down flying debris
  • New Cast Transport Lock supports the cutter while transporting
  • Wing locks hold the wings stable when in an upright position
  • Rollover and Clevis Stops reduce rotating and swinging hitch components while attaching to tractor drawbar/li>
  • 360° coverage around rotating drivelines
  • LED safety lighting standard

Product Features

Bespoke rubber isolator bank on the center axle absorbs damaging shock loads before going through the deck and eventually to the tractor

The New 4110 has a substantial structural frame with durable Hex-Shaped Deck Rings

New Cast Walking Tandem Axle selection strolls over rough terrain with ease

Axle Arms increased from 5.25″ x 6.5″ welded channel to 6″ x 8″ structural tube for superior strength


Custom-tuned rubber isolator pads absorb shock at each axle

1/4″ x 13″ sidebands are protected by 1/2″ replaceable cast skids and extended length built-in skids

Hardened Hex-Head Blade Bolts and Bushings make blade changes quick and easy

Good for Tractors rated 40hp or under


Cutting Width
Cutting Height
1 1/2″ – 16″
Cutting Capacity
Transport Width*
8′ 2″
Transport Height**
7′ 3″
Transport Length***
15′ 3″
Approximate Weight (lb.)
Approximate Tongue Weight (lb.)
Minimum Tractor PTO HP
“Perma-Level+” or Ball Hitch
Center Deck
Wing Decks
Wing Cutting Angles
22° Down and 45° Up
Wing Level Adjustment
1/4″ x 13 1/2″
Transfer Gearbox (HP)
Cutting Gearboxes (HP)
Input Driveline
Category 6
Wing Drivelines
Category 4
Blade Holder
7ga Round
1/2″ x 4″
Blade Tip Speed (fpm)
Axle Suspension
Isolators @ Each Axle + Center Isolator Bank
Center & Wing Hydraulics
2 Hoses Standard
Safety Tow Chain
Double Row Chains Standard
Distribution Baffles
PTO Driveline Support
10-Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
2-Year Machine Limited Warranty


*Measured from Wing Skid to Wing Skid when Folded


**Measured at Maximum Transport Height


***Measured from hitch tip to rear of 21″ Laminated Tire




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