Bush Hog® 4815 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

Extreme-Duty Flex-Wing

The 4815 is simply the toughest Bush Hog® built Flex-Wing…ever. Designed for the most-demanding, roughest applications, the 4815 is designed for those users who require the strongest 15 ft. Flex-Wing to tackle the most extreme jobs. Right-of-ways and agricultural settings are no challenge for these models that are built to take the ground pounding punishment every day! Reinforced deck structure, strengthened gearbox stands, and thicker axle tubes withstand the rigors of extreme brush cutting day in and day out. Bush Hog®’s unique new blade carrier adds increase uplift to grasses making for a cleaner cut. Fitted with Hex-Head Blade Bolts and Hardened Bushings, blade changes are quick and easy. The 4815’s performance, specifications, and features set it above and beyond all other 15 ft. Flex-Wings regardless of brand. As thousands of satisfied customers can attest, “If it doesn’t say Bush Hog®, it just won’t cut it.”

4815 feature
Notes: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.

Construction Features

  • Reinforced deck structure on center section and wings
  • Wing skids are 3/8” thick with an outside angle of 45 degrees to stop “ground dig-in” during turns
  • Half shaft axle spindles for quick and less costly maintenance
  • Center section blades align closely with outside center tires to more effectively cut out the bottom of ditches
  • Grease fittings and spring steel bushings at each axle pivot point for longer life
  • 3 inch output shafts on cutting gearboxes (with more and deeper splines) maximize torque load capabilities
  • EZ lube drivelines with aligned grease points make greasing maintenance a snap
  • New Extreme-Duty blade pans house hardened bushings and hex-head blade bolts for quick and easy blade changes

Safety Features

  • Double Row Safety Chains Standard
  • Highway Safety Lights Standard
  • Heavy-Duty Tow Chain Standard
  • Clasp-type gearbox input shields for quick and easy access standard


Good for Tractors rated 40hp or under


Cutting Width
Cutting Height
2″ – 14″
Cutting Capacity
4 1/2″
Transport Width*
8′ 2″
Transport Height**
7′ 3″
Transport Length***
15′ 3″
Approximate Weight (lb.)
Approximate Tongue Weight (lb.)
Minimum Tractor PTO HP
“Perma-Level” or Ball Hitch
Center Deck
11ga over 7ga
Wing Decks
Wing Cutting Angles
22° Down and 45° Up
Wing Level Adjustment
1/4″ x 13 1/2″
Transfer Gearbox (HP)
Cutting Gearboxes (HP)
Input Driveline
Category 6
Wing Drivelines
Category 5
Blade Holder
7ga Round
1/2″ x 4″
Blade Tip Speed (fpm)
Axle Suspension
Springs @ Each Axle
Center & Wing Hydraulics
Safety Tow Chain
Distribution Baffles
PTO Driveline Support
10-Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
1-1/2 Year Machine Limited Warranty


*Measured from Wing Skid to Wing Skid when Folded


**Measured at Maximum Transport Height


***Measured from hitch tip to rear of 21″ Laminated Tire




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